Over the years Green Labyrinth have delivered Apprenticeships to students of all ages and in all different types of job roles, our assessors have worked as professionals in their fields for many years and they support our student's with regular reviews and observations to help them feel confident throughout their Apprenticeship.

Using our MIS and e Portfolio (Quals Direct / iCQ) systems, we record timely reviews and progress to ensure the smoothest delivery possible, throughout their Apprenticeship our students have the opportunity to alert their assessor of new evidence and completed work with a click of a button.

If you need help finding an Apprenticeship Vacancy don't hesitate to send us your CV! cv@greenlabyrinth.co.uk

Working with Longwater ATA we can help get you in touch with employers in and around Swindon & Wiltshire!

We have put together a small list of frequently asked questions to help!


Do I get paid throughout my Apprenticeship?

Yes, apprentices are paid an Apprentices National Minimum Wage for the first year of their Apprenticeship!

Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage From 1 October 2016 Rate per hour
21 and over £3.50
18 to 20 £3.50
Under 18 £3.50

Remember this is the minimum wage! There are many generous employers who are looking for the best apprentices and they are willing to pay more then the minimum wage!


After your first 12 months with the same employer you begin to earn National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage From 1 April 2016 Rate per hour
25 and over £7.20
21 to 24 £6.70
18 to 20 £5.30
Under 18 £3.87


I already have a job, can I become an apprentice?

If you have a job, that's great! You've done the hard part!

We believe if your employer is paying you a good salary now, achieving new skills & qualifications can only enhance your future prospects and the companies investment in you

Green Labyrinth can work with employers of all sizes in many industries, if your employer is happy to continue to deliver your "on the job training" and guarantee your position throughout your Apprenticeship duration please contact us



Do I have to go to College?

With Green Labyrinth Apprenticeships you learn on the job! Our assessors visit you at work!

We regularly meet you and observe you undertaking tasks you have learnt to complete certain units and sit with you to review your progress.

Remember: English, Maths and in certain Frameworks ICT Functional Skills are required at Level 1 or Level 2.
If you have previously achieved GCSE A-C grades or equivalent in English, Maths & ICT you are exempt from completing them within your Apprenticeships. We will need to see your certificates when you sign up.

If you need to complete your Functional Skills qualifications with Green Labyrinth we work with you at your pace and can support you with online or paper material we have gathered over the years. You can complete your Functional Skills exams at your workplace online or on paper!
We also have specialised English & Maths tutors dedicated to supporting our assessors to help deliver the best quality to you.


How long will my Apprenticeship take?

Apprenticeships are a minimum of 12 months, 
We work with you to determine a sensible duration to ensure you are confident and working at a pace suitable to your work hours and learning styles. 

If you are undertaking a higher qualification and require Functional Skills we understand these can add additional length to your duration and will discuss this with you.




What happens when my Apprenticeship finishes?

When you have completed your Apprenticeship you are awarded your Diploma & Certificate in the qualification you have undertaken.
You also receive an ACE Apprenticeship Framework Certificate for completing an Apprenticeship!

Your employer can take you on full time and continue with your job role, if your role develops and you start taking on more responsibilities you maybe eligible to progress onto a Level 3, 4 or 5 Apprenticeship!


How do I find an Apprenticeship vacancy?

Don't hesitate to send us your details! Become an Apprentice
We work with employers in and around Swindon & Wiltshire, they ask us for candidates for their vacancies, we also work with LongwaterATA, they are an Apprenticeship Training Agency dedicated to placing high quality apprentices with employers!

More information and helpful links for new Apprentices!


Apprenticeship Frameworks Green Labyrinth are accredited to deliver:

For any further information on Apprenticeships and how they can work for your business, please contact us at info@greenlabyrinth.co.uk