Organisations across the country are constantly looking at ways to improve their workforce’s morale, productivity and skill-set. Within this article, we look at the top 10 benefits that training and development opportunities can offer to SMEs that form an integral part of developing and keeping a talented and motivated workforce.

  1. Increase in morale in the workplace – Incorporating training opportunities into your organisation is likely to give your employees an increase in morale as they will feel a greater sense of belonging. They are also likely to feel that the organisation cares about them and wants to give them the opportunity to progress. This will lead to a more confident and all-round happier workforce!
  2. Eradicate weaknesses and fill vital skills gaps – even the strongest employees in organisations have weaknesses. Providing a culture of training and development will allow all members of the team to focus on development areas which have been identified in their regular reviews to create a more rounded workforce.
  3. Improve employee performance – A more skilled and confident workforce will result in improved employee performance, providing employees with the knowledge to be more efficient and productive within their roles.
  4. Enhance the reputation of your organisation – organisations that are seen to offer training and development opportunities to their workforce are viewed in a more positive light across all sectors. Staff will naturally be more excited and enthusiastic about working for an organisation that is constantly looking to develop its employees.
  5. Reduce employee turnover – employees who feel that they can progress and ‘better themselves’ within an organisation are less likely to have their ‘heads turned’ by other organisations or opportunities.
  6. Increase in innovation and creativity – giving your workforce the latest training will allow them to bring the latest skills and knowledge into your business and keep their ‘creative juices flowing’. Innovation comes from having the confidence to try new ideas. Training can build this confidence.
  7. Stay ahead of the curve – empowering employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge will allow your organisation to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new trends and technologies.
  8. Increase in productivity– as an SME, you may not be blessed with a huge team, making it even more important that each member of your workforce is as productive and effective within their roles as possible.
  9. Improved customer retention – a happier and more skilled workforce will naturally lead to a more effective workplace. The knock-on effect of this is that your organisation is likely to provide a better customer service and product and encourage your customer base to stay loyal to your organisation and your brand.
  10. Enjoy a more consistent workplace – having a training development strategy in place will ensure that all your employees have equal opportunities to progress and will all learn the same skills, at the same level of quality, ensuring consistency throughout.

Training and development plays a huge part in the success and growth of SMEs across a range of different sectors and embedding this culture into your organisation will put a strong foundation in place for the present and the future of the business.

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