Quality Control and Quality Calendar Policy
2020 – 2023

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  1. 1.1 To implement a comprehensive quality assurance and control system for every aspect of Green Labyrinth’s Work-Based Learning and Study Programme provision.


  1. 1.2 The broad definition of quality control is:

  •       • The monitoring and review mechanisms that ensure the quality of delivery provided by Green Labyrinth.

  1. 1.3 The broad definition of quality assurance is:

  •        The management systems that review and regulate quality systems to maintain fitness for purpose.


2.1 The policy was approved by the Senior Leadership Team on 13th October 2020


3.1 Green Labyrinth is committed to excellence and the principle of continuous improvement and quality assurance.

3.2 A commitment to quality in all aspects is necessary and required by all those involved in providing and supporting the learning process.

3.3 Green Labyrinth considers that the management and assessment of the quality of provision should be identified at all levels within the organisation and that it is an ongoing process.  Qualitative and quantitative measures generated by the system enable the production of reports and culminate in the production of an annual self-assessment report. (SAR)

3.4 In principle, the Green Labyrinth’s Quality Process is designed to meet the quality assurance requirements of the organisation, awarding organisations and all other interested external stakeholders. The self-assessment process is based on the current Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework.

3.5 Every aspect of the Green Labyrinth’s provision is subject to the principles of quality control and quality assurance.

3.6 Green Labyrinth is committed to:

  • • Maintaining a staffing and management structure that clearly identifies accountability for quality control and quality assurance;

  • • Implementing a quality system and quality cycle which is user friendly and places an emphasis on process;

  • • Providing a Management Information System which is robust and correctly informs the quality system; 

  • • Involving all Green Labyrinth’s staff in the self-assessment process;

  • • Developing a Self-Assessment Report (SAR);

  • • Reporting on quality issues to Green Labyrinth’s Board;

  • • Developing and monitoring a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) which sets challenging targets for quality improvement; and

  • • Supporting quality improvement through structured and formal staff training.


4.1 The Quality Cycle encompasses both quality control and quality assurance functions.  Outputs from the cycle inform the completion of the Self-Assessment Report and overall planning process.

4.2 The responsibility for quality control rests with Green Labyrinth’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

4.3 Process and procedures for Quality Control: (see Appendix A)

  • • Members of the SLT to direct the OTLA team to carry out the first set of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) Observations of all Practitioners by October or November. Second set of TLAs will be held in April and May. Outcomes of the first OTLAs will inform the Staff Development and CPD requirements of delivery staff.

  • • Copies of all OTLAs must be sent to Line Managers and a copy sent to HR Manager for filing in HR Records.

  • • Members of the OTLA team undertake an inspection of learners’ portfolios and learner files during the TL&A Observations during each OTLA occurrence.

  • • The Operations Director will collate the outcomes of the TL&A Observations. The Quality Team will evaluate the outcomes and recommendations and present findings at the SLT meeting by December.

  • • SLT and Line Managers will undertake annual staff performance appraisal meetings with all Delivery Practitioners and identify current and future staff development needs monthly but at least one should be completed by January.

  • • The Operations Director will collate the outcomes of the appraisal meetings on a monthly basis and present findings at the SLT meetings. At least one report should be filed before February to identify the CPD and training needs of the Delivery Practitioners.

  • Provide regular opportunities for staff to undertake continuous professional development (CPD), including industrial upskilling, and remain competent and up to date within their respective area.

  • The Quality Team and SLT to produce an annual Staff Development Schedule to support improvement in teaching, learning and assessment by January of each year.

  • The Operations Director will review progress towards the CPD priorities on a monthly basis.

  • Canvas learner feedback throughout their programme through surveys, focus groups and during progress reviews. Use surveys to secure feedback from other stakeholders. The Operations Director to collate and evaluate feedback

  • • SLT to regularly review and monitor performance data and outcomes at monthly SLT meetings.  

  • • Self-employed Work-Based Learning Consultants to comply with the requirements of the Service Level Agreement.

  • • The Managing Director to submit information in relation to Safeguarding and Prevent, Complaints, EQA and Health and Safety Accidents/Incidents at Green Labyrinth’s Board meetings.

  • • Collate and present information on performance outcomes at Green Labyrinth’s Board meetings (with NPTC), September, December, January, March, May and July.

  • • Members of the SLT to develop an annual Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) by December (previous year).

  • • The SAR will be submitted to the Ofsted by the end of January.

  • • The SAR will be presented to the Green Inc Board in January.

  • • The SLT will monitor the Continuous Improvement Plan on a quarterly basis.

4.4 The responsibility for quality assurance rests with a variety of management groups:

  • • Work-Based Learning and Study Programme team meetings;

  • • Quality meetings;

  • • Senior Leadership Team meetings;

  • • Green Labyrinth’s Board Meeting;

  • • NPTC’s Corporation Board.

4.5 Process and procedures for Quality Assurance:

  • • The Senior Leadership Team meets monthly and will monitor and review: teaching, learning and assessment; performance outcomes; care, support and guidance, contractual compliance; Safeguarding and Prevent; Functional Skills; health and safety; stakeholder feedback and digital and marketing activities.

  • • Green Labyrinth’s Board meets bi-monthly and receives reports from the Managing Director of Green Labyrinth.   

  • • NPTC’s Corporation Board receives an annual report from the Managing Director of Green Labyrinth.


5.1 The policy and procedure is to be adopted by all Green Labyrinth’s staff. The monitoring of the policy and procedures will be undertaken by the SLT.


6.1 The policy and procedure will be subject to an annual review and will be undertaken by the Operations Director. The next review will be conducted by 25th September 2021.