The Food Safety Act 1990 (as amended) provides the framework for all food legislation in England, Wales and Scotland. Our CPD accredited Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 training course covers the legislation under the Food Safety Act and the principles of food safety and hygiene for food handlers.

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About this course

It is vital for anyone preparing or handling food as part of their role to know about food safety. The importance of protecting your customers is paramount and your employee's need to know how to prevent contamination as well as having knowledge of food-related hazards. This will protect your customers and improve the quality of your product. As a food business owner, you have a duty to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2005 to ensure the food you produce is safe to eat, is of acceptable quality and is properly labelled.

Our online Level 2 Food Safety Awareness course is aimed at those who handle a variety of food in the workplace and will teach them the appropriate way to handle, prepare and store food. Learners will also know the effects of foodborne illnesses caused by poor hygiene and cross-contamination. Upon completion of this online course, you will receive an instant Level 2 Food Safety certificate.

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Course Outline

The aim of this online Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene course is to greater increase your knowledge of food safety at work, potential hazards, food poisoning and the relevant food legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

Food Law
Hazards & Controls
What is HACCP?
Personal hygiene
Premises and equipment
Food Pests and controls
Cleaning and disinfection

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to food safety
Understanding the basics of food law and enforcement
Microbiological hazards
Contamination hazards and controls
HACCP from purchase to service
Personal hygiene
Food premises and equipment
Food pests and control
Cleaning and disinfection

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This course is CPD accredited. It meets accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.