Preparing for an interview is a key part of making the best first impression with an employer. The company has seen your CV and selected you for an interview, which means they’re interested in you – that’s an amazing start! Now you need to prove yourself and show them all your skills and qualities. Here are our top tips on how to prepare for your interview:

Research the employer

There is so much information about companies available online, by looking at their website and social media, you can learn a lot about the company, their background and their team. Sometimes employers ask questions like “What do you know about us?” and if you have done your research, you’ll be able to give a really impressive answer. 

Research who is interviewing you 

You will have been sent the name and job title of the person interviewing you, so have a look at them and their background. You can find out a lot from their LinkedIn account which may seem a little like stalking (we hear you – don’t worry!), this is a normal thing to do and means you can build a positive rapport with the person you’re meeting with. 

Know yourself, your experience and what is on your CV

Give your CV a ready through so that you are sure what is on there. If you have your key skills on there, be ready to have an example of how you have built up that skill as the employer might ask you about it. You know yourself better than anyone so be ready to talk about you and your experience with confidence.

Prepare your route

You need to know where you are going and how you are going to get there. This makes sure you aren’t late and helps to keep your stress levels down.

Prepare questions

When you are researching the company, make a list of questions you have. Then add any questions you have about the role itself – you might want to ask about hours, who you’ll be working with, what they about working for the company. The employer will appreciate you taking the time to put the questions together. 

Look and act professional

Make sure your outfit and appearance is professional. Think about things like chewing gum, putting your phone on silent and how you speak (i.e. do not swear!). 

Be positive!

This employer has picked you out of all the CVs they have received! They want to know more about you, they want to be amazed. Be positive, be yourself and show them that you’re perfect for their opportunity.

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