Green Labyrinth has a statutory and moral duty to ensure that the business functions with a view to safeguarding those receiving education and training through delivery of Apprenticeships.

Green Labyrinth is committed to ensuring that it:

  • Provides a safe environment for all of its Apprentices to learn
  • Identifies children and young or vulnerable people who are suffering, or  likely to suffer, significant harm
  • Takes appropriate action to help ensure that such children and young   or vulnerable people are kept safe, both at home and within their workplace.
  • Raises awareness of issues relating to the welfare of children and young or vulnerable people and the promotion of a safe environment for the children and young or vulnerable people learning within Green Labyrinth’s delivery of Apprenticeships.
  • Has clear defined procedures for reporting and dealing with allegations of abuse including those made against members of staff
  • Safeguarding is embedded within the organisations ethos including the recruitment of new staff members.

Green Labyrinth recognises the following as abuse:

Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Financial Abuse, Neglect, Bullying, Domestic Violence