Well done to all our learners for their attendance, engagement and continuing to follow Covid rules at college. Many learners are sitting mock and real exams in the coming weeks. Keep working hard - it will be worth it!

Please read below for some updates from your Study Programme team:


Face Masks

As part of the government’s move to Step 3 of the roadmap, from Monday 17 May, new advice applies to the use of face coverings by staff and learners in schools and further education in England. The government’s guidance on face coverings has been updated to reflect these changes.

Face coverings will no longer be recommended for students in classrooms or communal areas, in all schools and FE providers. Face coverings will also no longer be recommended for staff in classrooms. The reintroduction of face coverings for students or staff may be advised for a temporary period in response to particular localised outbreaks.

Green Labyrinth echoes the government’s advice to approach the easing of restrictions with extreme caution. Learners are invited to continue wearing a face mask at college if they wish. We also continue to encourage learners to take regular at home tests. Learners can collect home test kits from college reception.

Did you apply to return in September?

Thank you for your application to return to Green Labyrinth in September. You will receive your letter of confirmation by Friday 21st May. If you have not been successful, your letter will detail the reasons. If you missed the application deadline and would like to apply, please email SPReferrals@greenlabyrinth.uk to request a late application form. 

End of Term Reports

Usually, you receive a report at the end of every term. Due to lockdown, we will be publishing reports on Friday 28th May. This has been delayed so tutors can base their comments solely on your learning and progress in the classroom. This means attending all of your lessons is even more important!

GCSE learner? Here is how your grade will be awarded 

As you know, GCSE exams for summer 2021 were cancelled. Learners will be awarded a Tutor Assessed Grade (TAG). This will be signed off by the Head Teacher and Senior Leaders of the college to ensure fairness and all quality processes are followed. The awarding body is AQA. Click here for the full guidance.

How your grade is determined:

  • not graded by an algorithm 

  • school and college assessments can continue 

  • you’ll only be assessed on what you’ve been taught 

  • your school or college will tell you the evidence they will use to determine your grade 

  • you will not be told what grade has been submitted for you 

A range of evidence can be used to determine your grade, such as:

  • mocks, tests and work you have already done 

  • non-exam assessment (often known as coursework) 

  • non-exam assessment can be used as evidence even if incomplete 

  • questions provided by exam boards 

  • your college must follow guidance when determining your grades and AQA will check we have done so 

GCSE results day is Thursday 12th August. 

All GCSE learners have the option to sit their Level 2 Functional Skills exam. Your tutors will explain this in more detail in your lessons after the May half term break. 

If, when you receive your GCSE TAG, you are concerned that your grade is wrong, there is an appeals process in place. Your first step is to speak to Green Labyrinth for feedback and advice. You can find out more details from Ray and AQA. See also, ‘What to do if you think your grade is wrong’. 

If you have any questions about your GCSE TAG, please speak with your tutors or Ray. 


It is important to follow government guidelines and stay inside your home. Please let us know you are unwell by contacting studyp@greenlabyrinth.uk or 07914669397.

It is very important that you follow self-isolation rules if you develop symptoms. Do not come to the college building if you have any of these symptoms:

  • a high temperature

  • a new continuous cough

  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Do not come to college if you or someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19. You must isolate for 10 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this so you have all the important information you need. A printed copy of this will also be available in learner pigeon holes.

As always, stay safe and do speak with a member of staff or email us on studyp@greenlabyrinth.uk if you have any questions or concerns.

Rayanne Ordette 

Study Programme Head

Laura Frankham-Gething

Head of ALS and DSL

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