Pastoral Support at Green Labyrinth

At Green Labyrinth we understand the importance of providing strong and structured pastoral care for all learners. We do this by monitoring and teaching with specialised staff who are highly trained in different learning needs and safeguarding young people. 

We have strict policies and procedures for Safeguarding, Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Self Harm and PREVENT to make sure all our learners feel safe and help us promote a secure environment within our centre. Pastoral support is available to learners in the forms of mentor meetings, bursaries, tutorials, positive reinforcement and counselling. 

Mentor meetings

Each learner is assigned a mentor when they start Green Labyrinth. The mentor is a member of the Study Programme staff who can act as a key person for that learner. Mentors generally meet with their mentee at least once a half term. A mentor will meet with them to discuss attendance, behaviour or emotional issues when needed. 

Bursaries and free school meals

We offer weekly bus passes and vulnerable weekly bursaries which are paid straight to learners who are entitled. To find out if you can receive a bursary, we will advise you of the criteria and the evidence needed to apply. 

We offer a range of food and drinks to all learners on site, which is available in the canteen during break times and lunch. 


Tutorials are an important part of the Green Labyrinth curriculum. They are taught weekly and focus on issues affecting our young people. They range from subjects such as healthy relationships, sexual health, hygiene, British Values and mental health.

Positive reinforcement

Positive behaviour is a focus at Green Labyrinth and we promote this with a mediation process centred around the learner redeeming themselves, rather than being punished. 

To promote this we have a house point system. The learner is put into a house (Neon, Lime, Mint and Jade) and house points are awarded for positive behaviour and good work in class. Each term the house which has the most points is taken out of class for a fun activity.

Counselling service

Although we liaise and refer to CAHMS and Ontrak, we can offer ad hoc counselling from our trained onsite counsellor if we feel a learner would benefit from it in the short term.