Apprenticeship Legends – Week 2

An apprenticeship is a program that combines hands-on working with learning and training, all while in full-time employment. Learning while on the job helps an apprentice understand and master their

Apprenticeship Incentives for Businesses

Are you considering an apprentice in your business? Did you think you couldn't afford to provide comprehensive and professional staff training? Did you know that there are incentives available for businesses?
March Apprentice of the Month - March

Apprentice of the Month – March

Linsey Penny of the Saddleback Farm Shop is our Green Labyrinth Apprentice of the Month for March in recognition of her hard work, commitment and challenging nature of her job with all of her responsibilities.
Jasmine - Good News

Good News Story – Jasmine acquired confidence & self belief

My name is Jasmine I am 18 years old, I currently live in Swindon and have since I was born. The main thing I struggled with throughout my teenage years was having severe anxiety, however i am now going to start an apprenticeship in a retail based setting and am really proud of myself and am shocked by how far I have come as an individual.
Recruitment - shaking hands

What goes into an apprenticeship application?

A CV and cover letter will tell potential employers important facts about you. They’re your opportunity to show them that you have the skills and experience that make you suitable for the apprenticeship you’re applying for.

Apprentice of the Month – February

Matthew Johnson of Medvivo was awarded our first Green Labyrinth Apprentice of the Month Award in recognition of his hard work and success during his Level 3 IT apprenticeship. Our team went to his offices to present his certificate and prize. Discover his apprenticeship story.