Aged 19 or over and thinking about further education? You may qualify for a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan.

These loans help you to pay the fees charged by colleges and training organisations. Most learners aged 19 and over, studying at Level 3 or above, will qualify for these loans from the UK government. It’s easy to apply, your household income isn’t taken into account and there’s no credit check. You won’t have to pay anything back until your income is over £25,000 a year.

Advanced learner loan’s open the door to affordable and flexible learning. They can help you take that first step in the pursuit of your ambitions and attain your education dreams.

How they work

Advanced Learner Loans pay for fees for courses which are not covered by other funding sources. You will pay back an affordable amount each month dependent upon how much you earn, but not until the April AFTER your course finishes – and only then when you are earning at least £25,000 a year.

Learn Now, Pay Later!

never stop learning

Key Information for Learners About Learner Loans

• Advanced Learner Loans aren’t means-tested or subject to credit checks or current employment status

• The minimum loan value is £300 (with maximum figures available via the Learning Aims Hub and confirmed upon application)

• Individuals can apply for full or partial help with paying a provider’s fees

• Loans are paid by the SLC directly to the provider on behalf of a learner

• Repayments are set at 9% on any income above £25,000 per annum

• Earlier repayments are permitted

• Payments are taken automatically via PAYE or through self-assessment

• If an employee’s subsequent earnings fall back below £25,000 repayments will be suspended.

The Loans Bursary

Green Labyrinth may also be able to help meet some of the other costs of your course through our Advanced Learner Loans Bursary Fund. This fund can help learners who have support needs, such as help with learning, childcare or residential costs. Green Labyrinth can advise on the details of this and how it operates.