Prevent is part of the UK governments counter-terrorism strategy. It’s purpose is to safeguard people and communities from the threat of terrorism. It also aims to stop people from becoming terrorists, or supporting terrorism or extremism.

At Green Labyrinth we pride ourselves on celebrating and promoting our diverse community with its many different ethnicities and religions. We also recognise however that in today’s world young people are faced with many pressures as they grow up and can often be influenced by strong feelings expressed by others in connection with a range of complex issues. Our overriding concern is that all our learners feel safe and also express tolerance towards all cultures and religions even when personal views may be different.

Green Labyrinth fully endorses the PREVENT strategy that:

“Schools can help to protect children from extremist and violent views in the same ways that they help to safeguard children from drugs, gang violence or alcohol. Their purpose must be to protect children from harm and to ensure that they are taught in a way that is consistent with the law and our values."

“Colleges have an important role to play in Prevent, particularly in ensuring balanced debate as well as freedom of speech. They also have a clear responsibility to exercise their duty of care and to protect the welfare of their students. Staff can identify and offer support to students who may be drawn into extremism.”

Please be reassured that all of our learners are given information on staying safe in the college and wider community and are told about appropriate behaviour in terms of their day to day conduct and when using technology. We do follow up and refer any inappropriate or concerning behaviour and work closely with a range of other agencies, such as the Police and Social Care. Our Safeguarding Team are always available to discuss any issue you as parents/carers may
be concerned about.

To view and download the full policy, click here.

For further information on Green Labyrinth’s policies, you can find them in full here or alternatively please contact safeguarding@greenlabyrinth.uk


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