"I am doing the level 3 diploma with Yasmin, I thought I would give some feedback about working with Yasmin. 

It's been great working with Yasmin, she has been very helpful and is available when I need help If am stuck she gives great feedback and if am behind on my work she would encourage to push on but also she is understanding with what's going on that I might not be to do all of the work but I will do what I can, she marks my work quick and gives me good feedback on what I have done well and what I need to improve in a good matter of time and we always try to have a review once a month."

Current learner

Jan 2021

"Our Learner has praised Yasmin for her professionalism and support, he has been struggling with work and personal issues and has found contact with Yasmin to be kind, supportive and encouraging.

They also confirmed that Yazz makes regular contact and offers support appropriate to his concerns and that he has excellent rapport with Yazz and that she is easy to talk to, despite them not having actually met face to face yet."

Current learner

Dec 2020

“Green Labyrinth were instrumental in finding suitable candidates for this round of recruitment.

When hiring apprentices, it’s much more about their soft skills (e.g. personality, ambition, adaptability) than their hard skills (e.g experience).

Green Labyrinth really understood the soft skills we were looking for which made finding the right people so much easier.

Since starting their Apprenticeships back in March, Ruby & Sophie have made huge steps forward and have both become integral parts of the Marketing Team at Chalkhill Blue.

Having completed modules on Principles of Coding, Google Analytics and now the Principles of Marketing, they are becoming well rounded junior marketers able to apply their knowledge and learnings across a whole range of areas in the business."

Rachel Spratling

Director, Chalkhill Blue

Aug 2020

“We have used several different Apprenticeship providers over the last few years, and haven’t always received a good service. I was therefore skeptical when looking to source another provider for a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

However, Green Labyrinth have completely reversed my skepticism!  Green Labyrinth’s professional attitude and knowledge has been key to us all receiving a great experience.

Their organised approach has made sure that the whole process runs smoothly; assessments are completed in a timely manner, and all communication is excellent. Sue, the Assessor was always helpful and enthusiastic. We are now looking for another apprenticeship in the same role and we know we can rely on the staff at Green Labyrinth to place the right candidate”

Jo Ginger

Operations Director GingerVideo

Jan 2020